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Relocation Services to Help Employees and Their Families Get Settled

When an employee is relocated from one office to another as part of a promotion or new position, the company will often offer them a relocation package to help ease their transition. These packages can include everything from a moving allowance to help cover the cost of transporting their belongings to a new city, to language training and intercultural training for their family members.

These specialized services are usually offered through a third-party relocation management company  RMC. Relocation companies have the experience and expertise to design, manage and deliver a comprehensive range of service offerings. They also have the relationships with suppliers and local vendors to get the job done. In addition, they have access to industry benchmarks and best practices information that they can use to keep their programs competitive, while controlling costs.

Many companies have their own internal departments that manage relocations. However, they often outsource these functions to third-party providers who specialize in employee relocation services. A professional relocation company can provide a full-service solution, including policy development and compliance, supplier selection, expense tracking, and more. They can even handle complex logistics such as route planning, vehicle transportation and international shipping.

A relocation service provider can also provide a wide variety of other benefits to relocating employees and their families, such as house hunting travel, spousal support, school search assistance, intercultural training and language services. These services can make the difference between a stressful, overwhelming move and a successful transition to a new city or country.

In addition to a full array of relocation services, a company’s relocation program may also include home marketing assistance and the sale or purchase of a home in the new location. Some companies also offer a temporary housing allowance to help cover the cost of finding or renting a place in the new location while searching for a permanent residence.

Relocation services can be expensive, but they are necessary to help your employees and their families get settled into a new location. As a result, they can help reduce turnover and recruitment expenses by increasing the pool of qualified candidates that are willing to move for a new job opportunity.

The cost of a relocation service package can vary depending on the specific needs of your relocating employees and the size of their homes. The cost of the package can also be influenced by whether your company is covering the cost of selling or purchasing a home, the number of family members being moved and the size of their belongings. Typically, the more family members and belongings being moved, the more expense coverage is needed. Additionally, the cost of a relocation service package can be affected by the duration and distance of the move. These factors can make it difficult to determine an accurate budget before the start of a relocation project. In order to prevent overspending, it is important to work with your relocation service provider early in the process to understand what services and expenses are expected.

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