Medical marijuana helpful tool for doctors

marijuana helpful tool for doctorsMarijuana has got legality in many states as it is proven to be helpful in various medical issues i.e. why it is also named as medical marijuana. Medical name for marijuana is cannabis which can be prescribed by doctors in various different circumstances. For extreme pain relief cannabis is suggested. It helps in increasing appetite for those patients who have under gone chemotherapy and also for patients suffering from nausea. Medical marijuana has shown positive effects in the society and that is the reason why it is given legality. Alleviation of several problems is done by cannabis as it’s a natural medication and also a helpful tool for doctors. Cannabis has also helped in such critical conditions where patients were suffering from diseases that was life threatening. 

Relief in chronic pain

One of the basic issues which medical marijuana is helpful is with chronic pain relief. This chronic pain could be either neck pain or back pain. Often times in constant long term situations, which are linked with back or neck, are something which a person has to go through. Painkillers like opioid are one of the option but these have proven to be highly addictive. This addiction leads to such a debilitating situation where it could affect any individual’s personal life and professional life. Medical marijuana is an alternative to this. This medicine doesn’t have an addiction problem. In the same manner, anti inflammatory drugs have problems leading to addiction if used foe long term. Cannabis carries not addiction risk. It can be addicted only when an individual is continuously smoking cannabis for long and not for any cure but for sake of enjoyment. Within few minutes of taking this medication instant relief could be discovered. 

Gastritis treatment by cannabis

Gastritis is such condition which could be treated by making use of marijuana. This medication helps in pain regulation, appetite stimulation and also in relaxing muscle pain in the area of gastrointestinal. For this purpose, cannabis could be used in reduction of painful gastritis symptoms. An additional benefit of cannabis is quick action when smoked. Flare up during gastritis could combat attack if you smoke medical marijuana. 

Improvement in HIV patients

HIV or AIDS patients can also take cannabis as it is allowed in various states. Since this cause pain and appetite loss and these symptoms can be cured by smoking marijuana. Studies reveal that marijuana helps in regaining weight lost, appetites and improvement in overall aspects of life. Depression that is faced by patients of AIDS is also effective by use of cannabis.

Premenstrual syndrome

Abdominal pain and cramping at the time of premenstrual syndrome is also treated by marijuana. As this cramping causes irritability you do not have to worry about it. Medical cannabis has proved to be combating in improving these painful track records. 


Thus various medical perspectives say that it is a proven fact, medical marijuana is effective with no addiction qualities. Recent days it’s legal and used for good purposes. It has vast range treatments. It is benefiting society and also reliable.

Changing Times and Rules For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in the City of LA.

LosAngelesMarijuanaBallotIt seems that the City of Los Angeles is cracking down on medical marijuana’ shops in and around the County of Los Angeles. A new ordinance that is slated to take effect could shut down almost half of the reported 900 plus medical marijuana dispensing collectives’ as they are called.

It seems that this measure, though passed some months back is finally being put to use and being enforced in and around the City of Los Angeles. Medical marijuana shops that were allowed to operate in the past, some by skirting legal zoning grey areas, or legal loop-holes will be subject to closure. What in effect is happening is the enforcement of Measure E an initiative that was passed by City of Los Angeles voters on May 21, 2013. This ordinance would have would have banned all City of Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries except those shops that were registered before 2007.

There seems to be some confusion between the two Measures D, and Measure E since both were voted on by Los Angeles City residents in relation to medical marijuana dispensaries. What has been reported in the news, depending on where one is reading or looking, can be somewhat confusing as there is an overlap between the Measures D & E.

Essentially the City of Los Angeles is looking to shut down all but a few medical marijuana dispensaries, this being confirmed by a list that was generated by officials, which whittles down the number of shops from the approximate 900 plus to only 134. Most notably missing from the list is the aptly named Timothy Leary Memorial Dispensary located in North Hollywood. An attorney representing the Timothy Leary Dispensary and one other has threatened to sue the Los Angeles City Council as a result of their clients businesses being noticeable absent from the exemption list, saying his clients are legally entitled to remain open and in business.

One noticeable new tactic that is being unveiled is the pressure being put on landlords and property owners to evict tenants who are using their rented or leased space as medical marijuana dispensaries. Whether these evictions and closures will stand up in court is anybody’s call. What is clear is that the City of Los Angeles is clearly on a mission to send a message to medical marijuana establishments that the times are changing.

Interesting that other states, most notably Colorado while reaping in billions of tax revenue from the sale of medical marijuana, though making changes to their existing laws and ordinances, are not making sweeping changes such as those happening right now in the City of Los Angeles. Perhaps the Los Angeles City Council should make it a point to discuss these issues with their counterparts in Colorado and formulate a plan on how to deal with the Billion-Dollar medical marijuana industry that they are seemingly intent on giving the death blow to, effectively cutting their own hands off monies which the City of Los Angeles and certainly the State of California as a whole, shouldn’t be treating as noxious weeds in their fiscal garden.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

marijuanaSome regions of the United States where the use of marijuana, also referred to as cannabis, is legalized for medicinal purposes, the number of dispensaries for the drug has been reported to be increasing. This is not surprising since it is recognized that the drug can aid people who have health issues such as cancer, glaucoma and even HIV.

In the year 2010, the state of Los Angeles was considered to be among the states that have the most number of medical marijuana dispensaries established. At present, the number of dispensaries of the drug is found to be increasing as well in Los Angeles. Due to this increasing number, it would be a problem for a person who already has a registry card for medical marijuana to select which is best. The following steps would help in determining the best of Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Determine first every dispensary that are available for business in the Los Angeles area where you live in. They can do this fast using the Internet. There are plenty of search engines that can be used just like Google or Yahoo!. Input search words such as “Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries” After typing in the search engine these words, the links to different dispensaries will be showed and mostly, the ones that displayed on the first page are the ideal dispensaries. Select the links of these dispensaries and look about each one of them. Usually, their respective pages give data that could allow purchasers evaluate them. Their company profile, company history, company perception, contact details, dispensary address, and merchandise too are provided. There would also be acommunity forum in which users who have acquired their services can put their evaluations regarding the dispensary.

Do not ever stick to only one dispensary and instantly choose it. Pick a few and then pay each one of them a visit first. Checking out the dispensaries first is essential for not just the purpose of getting a view of the actual dispensary but more of the reason that not every little thing that you have read in the Internet is usually true.

Some of the dispensaries need setting an appointment. And so, communicate with them first prior doing the visiting. When the appointment has been fixed, you are ready to go to verify for yourself the information you have read in their respective pages and as well have your personal impression regarding the dispensary. Find out regarding how services are being rendered, the way they rate the plants and their pricing plans also. Right after doing visitations, ask for the counsel of professionals for they can aid you in proper comparing and choosing the best Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries for you.

Finally the Los Angeles marijuana law protects patients and their primary caregivers from being subjected to sanction or criminal prosecution when they obtain and make use of cannabis for medicinal purposes upon recommendation of a medical professional. Only 8 oz of dried cannabis and 6 mature or 12 immature cannabis plants is allowed for patients and primary caregivers to possess.