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What in fact are hygiene and disinfection assistance?

The recent coronavirus outbreak has been a wake up call to make sure your facility is clean and disinfected to help assure the safety of customers and employees upon their return. With data showing that the virus COVID-19 can live for hours to days on different surfaces, it’s important that businesses that see high foot traffic and those concerned with infection control such as hospitals, doctors offices, etc have recurring disinfecting services.

Applewood Disinfecting services will meet with you to walk through your facility and discuss what surfaces are high touch areas that need to be disinfected. They will utilize a variety of methods such as fogging and sprays that leave surfaces dry within minutes. They will also address the amount of time they expect to be on-site for the disinfecting.

For more information about recurring disinfecting services contact your local regional office today. They have been preparing for the pandemic and are well staffed to handle your disinfecting needs. Their staff has been trained to wear masks and gloves, and carry company-issued buckets of supplies https://applewoodgroup.com/virus-disinfecting/ containing gloves, masks, and shoe covers in their service trucks.

Once the disinfectant has been allowed to sit on surfaces and objects for a prescribed amount of time, it will be wiped off with a wet towel to ensure that all areas are completely disinfected. If necessary, a second round of disinfecting will be performed. If a space is particularly large, multiple crews may be required to help efficiently disinfect the entire facility.

When selecting a professional disinfection service, it’s best to choose a company that has experience cleaning and disinfecting facilities in various industries. They should also be able to provide you with a detailed walkthrough of your space before giving you a quote, which can take away any guesswork about what needs to be done and when.

Jani-King has a team of professionals who are fully prepared to assist customers with their disinfecting needs. We’ll review the needs of your facility and prepare a quote that outlines what surfaces and products will need to be disinfected, as well as how long the disinfectant should stay on each surface in order to meet CDC guidelines. If any cleaning is needed prior to applying the disinfectant, we can also do that, but it will increase the overall cost of the project. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please reach out to your local office. We’re here to support your business, so we can all be safe and healthy again.

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