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A Retrofitting Company Los Angeles Can Protect Your House Against Earthquakes

A retrofitting company los angeles offers a variety of construction and restoration services. These include building and remodeling, foundation repair and replacement, house bolting and residential seismic retrofitting. Seismic retrofitting can save your home from damage, a weakened or collapsed foundation, and structural issues that may be caused by a small tremor or vibration.

Getting Your House Ready for Earthquakes

If your house was built before 1980, it will likely need earthquake retrofitting in order to protect it against future earthquakes retrofitting company los angeles area. These older homes often do not adhere to current building codes and are very prone to collapse in the event of an earthquake.

Having your home and foundation retrofitted by a reputable contractor can ensure the safety of your family. In addition to protecting your home, it can also help you save money on insurance costs in the long run.

Are You a Soft Story Building Owner?

A “Soft Story” is a multi-story structure that has a first floor that serves as parking space. These buildings are particularly vulnerable to structural failure during and after an earthquake because the first floors of these structures have fewer sheer walls, less solid support beams, and a less stable foundation.

In 2015, the City of Los Angeles passed an ordinance requiring owners of pre-1978 wood-frame Soft Story buildings to undertake earthquake retrofitting. This mandatory program is part of the city’s Earthquake Safety Implementation Program (“ESI”).

According to the city, this retrofitting process requires a certified and licensed soft story contractor. The process includes tilted walls, steel frames, and other solutions that can improve the performance of the buildings during an earthquake or other calamity.

The City of Los Angeles’s Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) has a number of orders to owners of Soft Story buildings that require the completion of their seismic retrofit. Upon receipt of these orders, property owners must comply with the requirements within a specific time frame.

What Can I Do About It?

In the event that your home is not protected against earthquakes, you could end up losing your home or it might even crumble and break apart. Having your house and foundation retrofitted by a specialized Los Angeles earthquake retrofitting company can be one of the most important steps you can take to ensure the safety of your home and family.

How Can I Find Out if My Home Needs Seismic Retrofitting?

The best way to determine if your home is in need of a seismic retrofit is to have it professionally evaluated by a reputable soft story earthquake retrofitting company. Once the team has inspected your home, they will be able to give you an idea of what needs to be done to make it safe for your family.

If you are not sure whether your home needs a seismic retrofit, call us today to schedule an inspection and see what we can do for you! We will provide a detailed report and recommend the best option for your home.

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