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Health Sciences Program at Dean College

If you are interested in health care, a health sciences program may be the ideal option for you. The program provides students with knowledge about the health care system, the role of providers in delivering evidence-based care, and ethical communication skills. These courses also help to develop the skills necessary for careers in health care. Students have the opportunity to minor in a specific area of health or explore other areas of health science.

Health sciences programs are available in traditional classrooms, as well as online. Some of the programs focus on public and population health. Other programs include health care technology, and health care policy. Many of our professors are published in scientific journals and sit on editorial boards for peer review journals. In addition, some of our students have been selected for internships and research positions.

Health sciences programs are ideal for students who are interested in analyzing human behavior, developing innovative solutions, and promoting wellness. They also benefit from students who have natural leadership qualities, are interested in the underlying cause of disease, and want to improve the health of the world.

Students completing a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences can prepare for a career in a variety of health-related fields, including community health, health informatics, medical administration, and allied health professions. After completing the program, students may continue their education in a graduate or professional school. A Master of Health Sciences program provides students with the skills they need to promote health and wellness, link education, research, and practice, and translate theory into a learning environment.

Throughout the health sciences program, students are encouraged to develop their leadership and organizational skills. This brescia health sciences includes a six-month co-operative education experience. During this time, students learn from health leaders at renowned facilities, and hone their clinical and research skills. Through this experience, they gain an understanding of the challenges faced by professionals in the health care industry.

Students enrolled in the Health Sciences Program will take a number of courses focused on communicating with patients. Courses in this discipline also provide students with skills for managing pain, preventing disorders, and using prescription medications safely.

The program’s final two years focus on practical application of health care careers. The Health Science Program also offers three study abroad programs. For more information about pursuing the health sciences program, contact the department head.

In addition to the curricular program, Dean College offers several clubs, special interest groups, and leadership opportunities. These activities help students to network with other students and professionals in the healthcare field. Faculty members provide support for students, and offer real-world experience.

Students in the Health Sciences Program are required to take core courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. Classes in these subjects also provide students with a foundation in the fundamentals of human anatomy, physiology, and genetics. Additionally, a Medical Ethics class is included in the curriculum to develop communication skills with patients.

Students also complete a practicum. Practicums can be done in the Boston area, or abroad. During this period, students will work with patients and other professionals to address their needs.

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