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What is the best website to find a lawyer?

When you’re dealing with a legal matter, it’s important to find an attorney near me you can trust. A good lawyer will be knowledgeable in the legal field in which you’re seeking help, and they should be able to explain complex legal terms in a way that is easy to understand. During the initial consultation, you’ll also want to make sure you feel comfortable with the person representing you, because you’ll likely be sharing private details about your case.

Some states provide online find attorney near me tools that allow you to find attorneys in your area. These include lawyer referral services, which will match you with an attorney who has experience handling a case similar to yours, and public defense providers, which can assist you if you cannot afford to hire a private attorney. Some attorneys also offer free or low-cost initial consultations, which you can use to determine if they’re a good fit for your case.

If you’re trying to find a family law attorney, for example, look for one who specializes in divorce cases and has significant experience with child custody issues, division of complicated assets, spousal support and other relevant matters. You may also wish to consider whether the attorney has served on family-law bar association committees or spoken at bar associations on these topics, as this indicates a high level of expertise.

You can find out more about a prospective attorney’s background by reviewing their website, which should contain a biography and detailed information about the types of cases they’ve handled. You may also be able to find client reviews on review websites, which can give you a good idea of an attorney’s quality and performance.

Another good resource is your state or local bar association, which can refer you to an experienced lawyer based on the type of legal issue you have. Many bar associations also have attorney directories, which list members and their areas of practice. You can also check with businesses that work closely with lawyers in your area of law — for instance, an accountant, insurance agent or real estate broker — to see if they have any recommendations.

A creditor that is seeking to collect on a debt will usually hire a law firm to serve legal papers on you to notify you of the lawsuit. The lawyer can then take action to recover the debt, such as freezing your bank account or taking money from your wages.

If you can’t afford to hire a private attorney, the government can appoint a public defender to represent you in criminal and juvenile cases. To qualify for legal assistance, you typically must meet specific income guidelines set by the court. Some court systems also offer self-help centers, which offer workshops, informational materials and help completing forms. Visit your court system’s website or call your local legal aid office to learn more about these resources.

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