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Getting Back Into Compliance With the IRS – Reasonable Cause and Streamlined Procedures

When a Taxpayer is out of compliance with US tax and offshore reporting requirements, it’s important that they come into compliance quickly. The IRS has a number of different programs that can be utilized to help people get back into compliance. Some of these programs are more rigorous than others, and choosing the right program to use will depend on a person’s specific facts and circumstances. Two of the most common programs used by expats to get back into compliance are Reasonable Cause and the Streamlined Procedures.

The streamlined program the guide to IRS streamlined Singapore is designed for delinquent taxpayers who can certify that their failure to report all of their income, pay all taxes and file all required tax information returns and FBARs was not due to willful conduct. This is a fairly low threshold, and it means that many people who have been late filing their returns may be eligible for the streamlined program. The streamlined program also offers a waiver of any FBAR penalties that would have been owed.

As a result, the streamlined program is often the most popular option for expats who are behind on their U.S. tax filings and FBARs. We have helped countless clients use this program, and we have extensive experience with it. We can help you understand the streamlined program, its requirements and how it might apply to your situation.

While the streamlined program is a great way for most people to get back into compliance, it’s not the right option for everyone. The IRS will look at each person’s case individually to determine whether they are a good candidate for the streamlined program. If you are not, they will likely move on to a more rigorous review process that might include an audit.

In addition, the streamlined program does not provide immunity from future IRS examinations or penalties. If the IRS examines your return or finds that you have incorrectly filed an FBAR, it can impose additional penalties and/or interest. It is therefore important that you consult with a tax attorney before deciding to pursue the streamlined program.

The IRS continues to improve the streamlined program to make it easier for taxpayers to use. For example, last year the IRS set a goal to create online response options for seven of their most common notices, and they have already exceeded that goal. This year they will add online responses for an additional ten of their most common notices.

Ultimately, the best solution for any individual who is out of compliance with their U.S. tax and FBAR obligations is to seek assistance from a qualified expat tax attorney. We can help you decide which program is the right fit for your needs, and then work with you to put together a plan to come into compliance as quickly as possible. We have offices across the globe, so we can help you no matter where you are located. Contact us today to get started.

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